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Hi all, I haven't forgotten about you all. I swear. I apologize for the lack of updates let me explain a little of whats going on.

Awhile back I posted about going to work on an XBLA game. Well I did.. I started to work on one and had everything ready to roll out. Then I got deployed. I am active military so I kinda had to put that part of my life on hold. That's ok right? Sadly no. While I was deployed I came back and had some things in life I had to deal with. I also got a promotion in the military so I took on a bit more of a responsibility. I also got engaged to the woman I love.

Man things started to work out. However my game just sat there waiting to be made still into the XBLA. I had everything ready to send out for approval had a legal team ready and was basically awaiting a few minor steps. Then my website TwurQ.com blew up. Also known to some as Blurtsy.com. I attempted to contact Tom Fulp about the idea when it was starting up. I could have really used his help. We exchanged one email however either he was to busy, or it just didn't appeal to him. The day of the launch I decided to go solo and do without the help of Tom. Bam my servers went into meltdown mode. The first day marked one of the largest hits I have ever seen on a website ever. I did close to 820gb of traffic in one day. It was monumental as November of last year I was able to beat Youtube for whopping 13 minutes as most popular page on the internet. I was pretty stoked as I got close to 200million views in one day. I thank Twitter and my marketing director Shuls who helped setup the beta test for it.

Sadly, the servers overloaded, the site went down and I was 5000$ over my head in bills as VPS's don't come cheap. One day cost me an arm and a leg :(. The quasi youtube / podcasting reccomendation channel engine thats a magazine based on what you like was a hit. I started to talk with another company about expanding and selling.

A company then in January decided it was time to buy it and acquire it from me. I sold TwurQ to a company known as BlueHost. BlueHost payed an undisclosed amount to me for the rights as well as keeping me on board and renaming it. They had a vision to make a unified system that did what I had and include usernames from all social media and bring it to one spot. Basically imagine friendfeed meets youtube meets a magazine. The rename was Blurtsy.

Blurtsy made it 1 month. It then got shut down :( And now. I am back, ready to animate..

Been a long time...

Oh and that game for XBLA... its still coming. I promise.

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